Sunday 28 June 2009

Bloggers Block

I think I've been suffering bloggers block. I'm not constipated or suffering from a terrible internet disease but I am just being uninspired to write at the moment. You know, 95% of the internet is full of people moaning or writing boring stuff (I don't know anyone who twitts about his daily food intake) and I guess I don't want to add to the noise on the internet. Well instead of wiating for a masterpiece to fall from the sky, I'm branching out and attempt to break through this period of dull creativity so please be warned, writings/playing/thoughts maybe awful but hopefull there will be diamonds amongst the coal!

And to start with I'm enjoying looking at my grape vines slowly ripinening. This autumn we will be attempt a grape homebrew wine


p.s do people actually read/care/comment/enjoy the blogging?