Saturday 15 November 2014

No news is Good News?

Noticed yesterday that I've not updated the blog for a while so I thought I would give a brief outline of what is or isn't happening with the animals

  1. Dogs - Seem to be ok, no major escapes though crunchy did manage to kill a cat!
  2. Cats - Small but growing the 4 cats (Táp, Nibbles, Spot and Patch) are doing a good job. They are going everywhere and I've seen some evidence of mouse hunting
  3. Rabbits & Chickens - We've the same Joys and Problems. Our existing animals are doing well but we are having problems with getting rabbits pregnent and keeping chicken/rabbit babies alive
  4. Grazing animals - Everything is calming down after the very aggressive 90kg Ram was slaughtered. The babies goats are growing well and we are hope all our female goats/sheep are pregnant. Our flock could potentially double or increase by 75%!!! We just need to build an outdoor shelter, reinforce a fence or 5 and then the goats/sheep can stay out all winter
I think we've learnt out mistakes from this year, so come next spring we should be firing on all four cylinders