Thursday 17 May 2012

Extreme gardening

We've been trying to improve the quality of our farm. Our vegetable patch and orchard have been overrun with Sycamore tree and weeds particularly wild grape vines. We've tried to to do this by hand to no avail so we called in some locals to help. They recommended that we hire a JCB (with Driver) to dig out all the tree roots of dead trees, and to flatten the area which we want to be our new garden vegetable patch.
So, recently, The locals can and cut down all the weedy trees and mulched them and our local friendly JCB man came and uprooted all the trees. He also leveled our veg patch and used the remain sandy soil to level out our main garden bit. This means we have loads of fire wood, a larger area where we can mow without fear of breaking the lawnmower and we've a new flat level for growing veg. These photos show it all off

Wednesday 2 May 2012

Two Steps forward, One back

I'm now at home on the farm trying to do some stuff and today has been a day of good and bad stuff.
The Good stuff

  1. I fixed the lawn mower 
  2. Successfully cut the lawn
  3. Solar shower is now installed on a living tree with no chance of it being cut down
  4. I can buy a snow plough directly from the company
Bad stuff
  1. Hot tub has been chewed by mice - This needs a lot of care and love to repair
  2. New car is back at the mechanic again 
  3. Lawn sweeper and trailer for lawnmower will cost £240 in shipping - Have to find local alternatives
Some progress is better then no progress and still feeling the happiest I have for a long time