About us


 That's me :) I am a Hunglish girl (Hungarian-English), grew up all over the place but mainly in Hungary and have returned here with my wonderful husband Andy.
I love life, My Husband, family, people, Hungary, God, and my doggies!
Am enjoying this next phase of life as we embark on living on a farm in Balastya, Hungary and all the joys and woes that brings.
Passionate about community, people and connecting with those around me. When I am not learning to teach law I spend time reading, hanging out with "my three amigoes" (dogs) and friends.  


Part man, part scientist, part Pastor (http://sionszeged.info),  part farmer ALL Cheese! Facing new challenges in hungary, Andy battles learning a new language as well as keeping his farm standing and all this before breakfast.

Andy is also sporty, when not injured, and plays rugby, football and a bit of basketball

Andy has taken his philosophy of "you can never have too many guitars" to heart and frequently hunts for more samples upon the hungarian plains.