Friday 24 July 2009

Maintenance II

The trees are down - Will post video and link to Laci's blog. He is the master tree feller and fellow. With a swish of the chainsaw, three trees fell with minimal damage(15 titles, no fence damage and we are all in 1 piece). The chainsaw stopped oiling the blade(common fault :( ) so we had to stop. Lunch was a nice steak and kidney stew accompanied with cold beer in the fridge whilst immersed in a pool!

However, we look to have a bit of storm damage in recent weeks to the dry stores and the animal houses so we need to get our plans in gear for redevelopment.

Satellite Tv is coming on the 24th August!

Monday 20 July 2009

Maintenance Mode

The appearance of a stray dog in our garden has been a wake-up call for us to do some hardcore maintenance on the farm.The work has started with repairing the inner fence partition and install fly-screen windows. The inner fence has been secured by chickenwire tied to the remainder of the wooden fence. The hard work was mildly frustrating as the stray dog is still around (i think) but who cares when my birthday hammock works!

Still to go:
  1. Getting a metal gate to the pigsty and then get a piggywiggy
  2. Getting the aga flue to the chimney Brest cemented in before winter, The aga should heat the kitchen and we should be able to cook on/in too.
  3. Tree felling with Laci (Forest ranger to the stars) - We've 3 dead big tree which could take out the kitchen and/or a new fence. Chainsaw-tastic
  4. Outer perimeter fence installation- The puppies are growing fast and need more space
  5. Orchard tree trimming/planting - Time to remove the dead branches and shape the trees for better fruit in the new years
  6. Setup up the veggie patch- we need to relocate some trees, fix the fence to keep dogs out and plant suitable winter veg
  7. Weeding - We've a batch of nasty weeds which are full of a glue like substance. Hopefully piggywiggy will eat them all
  8. Fix the potato store!
So we've a quiet summer/autumn lined up!

Monday 6 July 2009


Today has been a hard day...returned home to find piggywiggy has escaped (after one day) and after 1 hour search, there was no sign of her! She has gone....
Then after tea, it took about 30mins to herd the sheep into the pen.
The evening's entertainment was trying to clean the rayburn so that we can put it all back together, I stopped when I smashed the dustpan and brush!

Today has been too frustrating, sad, long and tiring on all planes. I just want to give up!