Friday 28 June 2013

Wild oats

Whilst setting up the washing-up table for the end-of-term party at the farm, I noticed we have some wild oats growing  These must be seed from where we milked our goats which we borrowed for a month last year. The oats are actually ripe, taste similar to the rabbit food oats and are 100% organic, free-range and unintentional. I hope our planted oats grow similarly

The Wet April has paid divends to our Sunflowers, corn and fruit trees. Our roses old and new also love this weather

Friday 14 June 2013

Samm's Grandfather

Whilst online, Samm discovered what her maternal grandfatther got upto in WWII. The article below is from

Monday 10 June 2013

Well Blow me down

This evening as we were leaving home to take Crunchy (our new house dog [until she gets better]) to the vet, a little storm kicked in and there was a crash. On closer inspection when we returned with bandaged dog (, it seems we were very fortunate/lucky/protected. The mulberry tree has completely toppled but didn't take out the house or our new perimeter fence. There is slight damage to a neighbouring tree but all is relatively OK  What was more amazing is that I was butchering three neighbours' goats under the shade of this tree at the weekend. A slight wind could have resulted in the dispatching of an Andy as well.
It looks like I will be chainsawing firewood for the foreseeable future.

Sunday 9 June 2013

Cake and lots of it!!!!

Today I had a surprise when I went to church. Today, we thanked all the lovely people who work in the various different groups which serve our church as schools are ending in the next few weeks. I was dragged up to the front and was given a small present which was lovely but then I was ambushed by Zoli Bacsi and others who appreciated my weekly guitar bashing and all the other bits and they gave me a MONSTER CHOCOLATE CAKE AS A GUITAR!!!!!!!! This was a small gift showing their appreciation of me! They obviously prefer a slightly fatter Andy :) I am feeling very very very very very very loved and wanted and a bit tubby after munching some of this lovely baked product. So thank you all lovely people (, It made my day :)  Nagyon Köszönöm mindenkinek és puszilak is!