Sunday 9 June 2013

Cake and lots of it!!!!

Today I had a surprise when I went to church. Today, we thanked all the lovely people who work in the various different groups which serve our church as schools are ending in the next few weeks. I was dragged up to the front and was given a small present which was lovely but then I was ambushed by Zoli Bacsi and others who appreciated my weekly guitar bashing and all the other bits and they gave me a MONSTER CHOCOLATE CAKE AS A GUITAR!!!!!!!! This was a small gift showing their appreciation of me! They obviously prefer a slightly fatter Andy :) I am feeling very very very very very very loved and wanted and a bit tubby after munching some of this lovely baked product. So thank you all lovely people (, It made my day :)  Nagyon Köszönöm mindenkinek és puszilak is!

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