Sunday 19 September 2010


The weather this year has been awful. It feels like the neighbouring fields have been under water for all the year. At the moment, the rain is pouring and doesn't look like stopping for a while :(
Anyway, this current weather has been rather good for relocating our acacia sprouting bits which are too close to the new fence.
Also, We've have various mushrooms of sizes, colour and shape appearing in the garden and field The picture below shows some of the various forms - are any edible? I'm not going to take any chances but if you can identify any, it would be appreciated - It might be easy to browse the folder here

A whole blog post with a cheap mushroom pun, maybe i'm just a fungi or there wasn't mushroom for any humour!

Sunday 5 September 2010

I quit

I, Andy, this week quit my job working in the physics department. The very undramatic moment is due to me getting another job within the University's chemistry department all of 500m away from the current office.
the New Job will be for 4 years( and more I hope) looking at me making carbon nanotubes.
The old work is cool with me going and have even asked me back to do some lecturing in English. We will have to see what materializes!
I'm also taking a month off between the two jobs, to do some computer work; do some hard work on the farm and to entertain some lovely guests.
Roll on November!