Monday 8 December 2014

Latest influx of Birds

Over the weekend, We've visited the legendary Zolibacsi and returned with some more Animals :) Most of these are "proper" non-hybrid animals which means that the chickens are dual purpose (eggs/meat) and should also be able to hatch out a batch or two of Chickens. So in no particular order, here are some of the additions - 

Naked Neck Chicken (x3) and Rooster

These quaint birds are a local breed which despite their exposed neck are really tough in the cold and heat. They are a good medium-size bird


I'm not sure of the exact breed but these are proper chickens but just tiny, the cockerel in the photo is smaller than a standard roof tile. They also have "little-man syndrome" where they are very loud and aggressive. The small size also means that the chickens fly high and far and can easily flap over the farm buildings!

Brahma Chickens (x3) and Rooster

These are Huge chickens covered in feathers all over their bodies and legs and feet. So far, our chickens have been a bit mellow but we will have to see how the new arrivals cope with the established Brian


The gobble gobble machines are huge, they have the body shape of a pheasant but are about twenty times bigger. It's also fun to stand next to them and play the call and answer game with them :)


The internet needs more photos of ducks and here is nibbles our blue cat!