Thursday 19 February 2015


Crunchy passed away in the night from liver failure.

She was a lovely,friendly dog who always loved to hug (aka lean on you) and was always hungry and never looking where she was running .

She never had it easy, she had a dodgy womb which was removed, eyelid trouble and many other scrapes and issues.

In her time, she killed a sheep, a snake and numerous chickens and cats but in the end death got her.
Another reason why this world needs to be renewed and restored.

Goodbye old friend

Wednesday 18 February 2015

Weathering the Storm?

So far this year, we have sick rabbits, goats,dogs and cats and it isn't march yet! I've had to bury more dead animals then I can remember, the Vet is a frequent visitor and it become draining.

Are we weathering the storm or trying to hard to  make something happen? I just don't know