Monday 21 July 2008

Hungarian barn dance

Well, the weekend is over and we survived!

There was an early start at 9:30 and most of the morning was spent preparing food for about 80 people and getting the farm(not ours but the mother-in-law's) ready for the forthcoming invasion and building the fires for the babgoulash(sounds like Bob-goulash).
The British contingent of the Motley crüe consisted of Samm, Ben, Andy and Magnus(left to right)

Events started at 2pm and there was a slow but steady flux of people arriving and chilling out on the farm. The weather was a mild 24ish Degrees Celsius. The first round of dances were a bit painful with unique interpretations but as people got the hang of the movements, the quality rocked through the roof ... We roped in Agi a friend of Samm's Mum and she was an awesome Hungarian caller!

Once most of the people had returned home, the remnant gathered round a bonfire and watched a virtually full moon rise into the crystal-clear night sky whilst slurping ice-cold beer. Timeless.


After awakening later in the morning, this day was spent in Szeged, showing Ben round the local area. The temperature was 32+ so we were all tired and hot. The first stop on the trip was to acacapella café which serves the best ice cream ever, 100s of variations from cherry/marzipan to honey/poppyseed via all flavours/colours. Armed with a three-scoop cones, we walked around downtown Szeged and then headed over the bridge to chill in the large but midly crowded open-air swiming pool(top middle). The day was finished off with a nice meal in the local fish restaurant with large plates of fried and grilled fish/meat munched by all. Magnus also mastered the fish soup, Szeged-style. Cocktails featured as the last drink of the night at the local pirate bar en route home!

Thursday 17 July 2008

Compost Heap

With all the cleaning of vegetation which is forthcoming, I need to think about the location of a new compost heap.
There are two promising locations here or here. Both are free standing structures with roofs which are away from the sight and smell of the main house.

Does anyone have any suggestions and composting tips?

Tuesday 15 July 2008

Busy Week on the farm ahead

We've have the first look out our farm in the summer of 2008 and there is lots of work to be done.
Getting into the farm proved slightly more tricky then expected as a large fern tree has decided to grow over the gate and will need to be tided back. Between the front door to the main house and the summer kitchen the sweet flowerbeds of gardens has evolved into a jungle of 2m tall bamboo and large weeds. Outside the main garden area, the grass has grown long and unmanageable... It will take about a week mowing to get this down to a manageable level, which reminds me of my need for a lawnmower or sheep! The sheep option is tempting for maintaining the back mini-field between the summer kitchen and the back field

The Garden patch with built-in plastic domes, is just as wild as the rest of the garden
However, the Well is looking in working order except for the need for a new bucket.
However, all is not doom and gloom as we found the motorbike left to us by a previous owner and discovered the smoker (featuring Magnus and Kimbo), so we can smoke any meat and/or fish which we may have. I look forward to the first generation of Cheesman self-smoked bacon. The motorbike may take serious work to get it roadworthy and may just be destined for the scrap heap

First Post

ummm, First post!!!!

Well this blog will tell all about our exciting Adventure relocating to Hungary and why/how/where things are going and much more

So here's to blogging and Magyar