Monday 21 July 2008

Hungarian barn dance

Well, the weekend is over and we survived!

There was an early start at 9:30 and most of the morning was spent preparing food for about 80 people and getting the farm(not ours but the mother-in-law's) ready for the forthcoming invasion and building the fires for the babgoulash(sounds like Bob-goulash).
The British contingent of the Motley crüe consisted of Samm, Ben, Andy and Magnus(left to right)

Events started at 2pm and there was a slow but steady flux of people arriving and chilling out on the farm. The weather was a mild 24ish Degrees Celsius. The first round of dances were a bit painful with unique interpretations but as people got the hang of the movements, the quality rocked through the roof ... We roped in Agi a friend of Samm's Mum and she was an awesome Hungarian caller!

Once most of the people had returned home, the remnant gathered round a bonfire and watched a virtually full moon rise into the crystal-clear night sky whilst slurping ice-cold beer. Timeless.


After awakening later in the morning, this day was spent in Szeged, showing Ben round the local area. The temperature was 32+ so we were all tired and hot. The first stop on the trip was to acacapella café which serves the best ice cream ever, 100s of variations from cherry/marzipan to honey/poppyseed via all flavours/colours. Armed with a three-scoop cones, we walked around downtown Szeged and then headed over the bridge to chill in the large but midly crowded open-air swiming pool(top middle). The day was finished off with a nice meal in the local fish restaurant with large plates of fried and grilled fish/meat munched by all. Magnus also mastered the fish soup, Szeged-style. Cocktails featured as the last drink of the night at the local pirate bar en route home!


Unknown said...

I think that, given that most people present (including the callers) had never been to a barn dance before, the event went incredibly well.

Not so sure about the picture of me eating fish soup. You somehow managed to make me look half-cut even before I'd gone anywhere near that litre of beer!

Hallmum said...

Hey guys! Sounds like it went well. Great pics! love jen x