Thursday 17 July 2008

Compost Heap

With all the cleaning of vegetation which is forthcoming, I need to think about the location of a new compost heap.
There are two promising locations here or here. Both are free standing structures with roofs which are away from the sight and smell of the main house.

Does anyone have any suggestions and composting tips?


Wulf said...

Initially you will have lots of material to compost. Plan some temporary heaps (and they can just be rough heaps) as well as some more permanent ones so you don't end up wasting all that bio-goodness.

A common system (when you have room) is to have two or more bays next to each other. Start in one and then, as it gets reasonably full, fork it into the second one (aerating the heap) and then begin again in the first one. That gives you space for new stuff as well as letting the more mature heaps fully rot down.

Unknown said...

I love finding out there are experts on compost out there...