Saturday 20 February 2010

Goodbye Winter, hello maintance

For the first few weeks of february, the farm has been coated in a layer of snow. But in the last week the temperature has rocked to 10C and the snow has vanished into the past leaving a farm in need of some love
The evapouration of the white carpet reveals holes under concrete and fences and lots of doggy poo! So, today we pressed onwards clearing up the farm. Today was spent clearin' out the rubbish from under the mulberry, I've dug out most of the metal left by the previous occupant(2 large trailer full) and added it to the garage of scrap metal. Also, we recycled a (literal) carload of glass bottles and other crap which was dug out of the ground. Just before the rain came, I managed to uproot a few massive trees from the Veg patch. Hoepfully, we can plant some peppers, tomatoes, squashes