Thursday 8 January 2015

Mr Brown

With a sad heart, I am sad to say Mr Brown passed away. He survived 3 years, myxomatosis, the clap and produced loads of children. He was always polite, gentle and friendly and had the nicest fur in the world - He will be missed

Monday 5 January 2015


We came home from a long day out from playing guitar at two church services and preaching to find that Wethered goat was lying on the floor and bleating sadly. We tried to revive him but by the time the Vet had come, his nervous system had collapsed and he was slowly dying. We made the sad decision to have him put down and he just fade away without a struggle.
It isn't a pleasant start to the year but we are grateful that the ground wasn't frozen and we could dig a big hole in the moonlight relatively easily.
Looking back, he wasn't putting weight on and wanting to eat grain - there could be many  factors which could have hindered his growth but this is one of those sad things which sometimes happen on a farm.