Monday 23 July 2012

five things ...

One of the things which I like about football is that the guardian usually does a report on important games/weekends with a summary of things which have been learnt from the event(s). So, in honour of that, I present the five things which I've recently learnt

  1. Our lawnmover can and will go wrong. First it was the blades, then the tires (which are just holding on - A new set of four is ~£200) and now the ignition switch has died. I'm hotwiring the mower until our local mechanic sources a replacement ignition
  2. The weather at 4:30 is cold but suitable for working in the garden and getting up early means I get to have a midday nap like a true old man
  3. Crap in the garden - I've reclaimed another part of the garden by dismantling the old veg patch and removing the surrounding fence, In the process collected 5 more industrial size bags of rubbish. This just get me down as we've been living here for 3.5 years and there is still rubbish buried from the previous owner!!
  4. Being married for 8 years is great
  5. Riding a tandem is fun 

Eeepc lives

I've recently restored an original Eeepc  to working condition by install lubuntu. I can't believe what a difference an OS version makes to the running of the computer.
Lubuntu is a version of ubuntu (the most popular linux distrubution) with a really stripped down windows experience (LXDE for those interested). The total memory usage for the windows manager is about 50 MB! All the normal progams work on the system and it is good for old hardware

I use Lubuntu on all my computers, I just like my computer to feel responsive and snappy and i'm not really interested in my computer looking flashy and sparkling and taking 10 mins to search/open a file

ARRRGH - I've turned into a middle-aged Computer user!!