Monday 4 April 2011

After Love wins

What happens after "love wins"? After the hype/reviews/discussions? When we've sat in judgement? If the Marshill grows after this episode, the sceptic can claim it is based on heresy and thus a cult. If it reduces in size, they can claim God's judgement is in action. If Rob Bell repents (if he needs to?) what will happen? Can we now cross Rob Bell of the list of "Evangelical Messiahs" as he might have done something questionable and now start the look for the next John Wimber/Billy Graham/ ?
What happens if the book is immaterial (Not finished reading it) but it is a catalyst for bringing to the surface the worldwide churches true agenda? Reading the New Testament highlights that the hallowed early churches were full of lots of problems much heavier then this?

It seems a Zugzwang - and Does Love Win?