Monday 9 October 2017

No More naked Soil!

I've finally returned to health and one of the first things I've been up to is reclaiming our inner garden.
This has usually been a dumping ground for rubbish and a place of growth of weeds. However, inspired by our Swedish friends, I've reclaimed the ground for an inner kitchen garden/flower bed. First, a lot of the travelling weeds/trees/plants and a dodgy fence had to be removed to leave naked soil. 
The idea is to cover bare soil with a biodegrade material of various sizes which then holds in the moisture, and makes weeding easy. The ideal material is wood chip but I had a couple of bales of old rotting hay in the back field. This complemented with some well-trodden, weed and pooed straw/hay from the sheep will make a excellent first attempt. The plan is to let the ground recover and start planting in the spring. The covering is about 30 cm deep all over.
Also, there is a less spotted relativistic cat approaching the speed of light in the second photo!