Friday 15 August 2008

2 weeks back, 47 days to go

Well, lots has happened since the last blog post but unfortunately its not been of the dynamic exciting nature.

We, I think have come back down to earth with bit of bump the harsh reality of what we are really undertaking to do is upon us! That is slightly daunting as neither of us is particularly organised.

We know we are meant to be going so there is no question in that it is just the "getting there" bit which is the next mountain that we have to climb but as with most mountains once you've climbed to the top, there is (usually) an amazing and breathtaking view awaiting you but also a HUGE sense of achievement at the other end. So, come on amazing view I say :)!!!!

Have been procrastinating a little bit today and went out and bought some beads to make a bracelet of some sorts I just had an unbelievable desire to be creative. So, if you see me around sporting an unique bracelet be sure to compliment!!!!
Am VERY excited about going back to Hungary and the new life and all of the things that await us there:) Its a BRILLIANT feeling :)

Also we are heading off to greenbelt next weekend to see what it is likely, Hopefully we will catch Iain Archer (6pm friday at and the main gig is half three sat (in centaur) ) amongst others whilst not drowning


Wulf said...

I'm trying to figure out which of you is writing about making a bracelet...

Anyway, enjoy Greenbelt and know that we're praying for you as step forward on your Hungarian adventure.

Samm and Andy said...

Isn't it obvious?