Tuesday 9 September 2008

New Nose!

Yesterday was interesting on numerous levels. After a night of non-sleep, Samm and I staggered to st.michael's hospital for 7:30am for my operation.
The Drs popped round at about 8am and then we waited till 2:45 for the operation ...boring, thank goodness for the laptop and Battlestar galactica!

Got down to the operating room, had a needle shoved in my hand and walked into theatre. Laid down on a bed which felt like a glorified dentist chair, had an injection in my hand and breathed in some oxygen and woke up later on from dreaming lots about battlestar glactica.

Back on the ward, I munched on beef and mushroom stew(first food for 15 hours...mmm) and then we waited another 4 hours to make sure I was ok. We return at 8:45pm all done and dusted and resting with 2 weeks off work


Worse moment was finding out that I was 18 stone!!! 115kg ouch
Best moment not being in EXTREME pain.

This is me today after a good nights sleep

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