Monday 22 September 2014

Final build of the summer

The Harem
Extended rabbit hutches
Summer is coming to an end and this is the final end to the works on the farm. Our Rabbits hutch has been at maximum capacity for a while and problems have been racking up as the small rabbits become teenagers. 

Egg laying Boxes
New Gates
Zolibacsi, our amazing friend and designer  came to our rescue. He made "The Harem" a female colony where we can have lots (12+) lady rabbits who will live without fighting  and caged in the base of the existing hutch so  for our bucks. This will enable our rabbits to grow bigger before butchering. We've also got two side cages which currently have a mother chicken and her younglings and the other has our 13 teenage egg laying chickens (which only 3 seem to be hens). Zoli also gave us two A boxes for chickens to lay in and added some roosting perches. He also brought some iron gratings which works excellent as a new gate.

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