Tuesday 5 January 2016


In all the craziness of last year, we forgot to mention that we bought a new car.
Here is the new cheesemobile in all its glory. It is a 20 year Suzuki 1.6L petrol 4x4 which comes highly recommended by the local vet and  mechanics. 
It is just perfect for the farm - The high off-road action means that when there is 150kg+ of animal feed in the boot, we are not fearful of our dirt road removing the exhaust system. The Suzuki can drive in 2w and 4w high and low which means the smallish (compared to 2.5 tdl pickup trucks) engine is quite efficient whilst still having lots of power. It doesn't really like driving over 100 KMH but cruise nicely at 90. The high roof means you can fill the car with stuff and there is a towbar too. Five people can also comfortably fit in. There are lots of these cars around so finding parts/spare bits shouldn't be too expensive or difficult

Most importantly it is green

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