Wednesday 29 October 2008

just a couple of random things from Hungary

Today was a momentous day, I survived my first rugby training session with the Szeged rugby team! Lots of forwards work tonight with rucking and maul forming... I am sure that I will ache tomorrow but all good fun
Also, I had my fifth Hungarian lesson. My reward for doing so well, it to receive more work!!!
Hungarian is quite different from Latin based languages with suffixes doing most of the work in the language. The best analogy I could think of is that of tagging mp3 with possession, tense, plural status and much more being bolted together to form monster words!!!
I've also lost 10kg in weight in 6 weeks!!!

I wish to propose my first of many photos of hunglish, part Hungarian, part English (angol) all bad!

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Phil Thomas said...

Was it a shit disco, or was it any good?

sorry for being rude!