Friday 5 December 2008

CHRISTmas Markets

Blogging has taken a nose dive recently due to the lack of time to sit in front of a computer and not be working and/or tired.
For Samm and myself, the last couple of weeks have been intense. We have been regularly getting up early (5:30->6:30) to catch buses into Szeged, or trains to budapest and then been getting back home late at night 8pm. Unfortunately, our days are a bit bitty, with a class or two here, a couple of hours wait, then other class. Hopefully this should all change soon.

Well CHRISTmas is coming, We know this because the weather is getting cold,( we had the first Snow of the year in November), the days are getting shorter and darker and the CHRISTmas Markets have arrived in the city centre.

On Friday the 29th November, We were killing time between lessons at one of these markets when we heard an noise! Surrounded by Medieval jesters, musicians, fire breathers and jugglers some on stilts, they were there to open the festival season by carrying a afire from one end of the city centre to the other by roping in volunteers. Despite protests that i didn't speak Hungarian, I was duped into to doing this and the fire is very very very heavy!!! Also, all the performers spoke amazing English... Very embarrassing!
There was a troll to be killed at the end of the walk and it was all much fun and games! We also ended up chatting to the bagpipe player who works at a children theatre in debresen. All in all an excellent evening of fun. Photos are here!

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