Monday 15 March 2010

Monor Sunday Market

This sunday morning started very early (3:50am) for Andy as travelled with Zsoli from church and a friend and a daughter from the local village

The journey went well as I was asleep for a larger percentage of it and the sun rises about 5:15ish in the morning. We arrived around 7 and then proceed to set up our stall of three cages of pigeons, chickens and a couple of rabbits. (The first Picture in the slideshow). Walking round the market was quite bizarre as there were virtually every kind of bird on sale, I saw Quails (Zoli bought about 15), chicken, cockerels, more breds of pigeons than I thought existed, Geese, Parrots, finches, turkeys, peacocks. There were also puppies (V. cute) and goats!
We wandered round and refuelled on langos and the left the market about 1. Drove home whilst I slept, Jumped into bed and was asleep till 7. All in all a Nice Day trip

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