Friday 26 November 2010


Since moving to our farm, Andy has been dabbeling in the black art of homebrew using a mixture of equipment and recipes. Our results so far
  1. Pumpkin wine - Reasonable success, a tasty dry wine but required a lot of effort and generated a lot of mess. Storing for a year was a definite requirement
  2. Rose-hip and hibiscus wine - Terrible! The teabags weren't strong enough and there was a dominant yeast taste from too much Marmite!
  3. Ginger wine - Overall Good! A strong wine can be made cheaply from household ingredients and is comparable to Have had one bad batch
  4. Green walnut liquer - Nocino - Recipe from here. Dark and bitter and mellowing - Next year we will make as many liters of this as possible!
  5. Cherry vodka - Cherrys, vodka sugar- sweet, simple and very yummy
  6. Potato wine - This should have been terrible but atm is brewing and is very very nice!
  7. Home-brew Bitter - This came from a kit from the UK and is AMAZING! A taste of England in Hungary
  8. Home-brew Cider Kit - Not so good, too weak and not an amazing flavour - Homemade cider should be better :)

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Creativeoutletter said...

mmm, sounds like we have to come over sometime and taste some! ;-)