Sunday 14 November 2010

Proper Farm

Months of hard work has finally paid off with the arrival of Piggy and Pinky.
We with guest helper Swedish Erik meet Zolibacsi and eventually found a trailer and cage to move the piggies form Szatymaz (local viallage) to our farm. Their new accommodation has been constructed from wood from our own trees and under the masterful guidedance of Zoli turned into a a beautiful home for the two new piggies. Within two hours, it looked a mess!!!

When Zoli arrived (with Laci), he also had 11 chickens and a cockerel for us which we moved into an empty room(we've lots of these) so hopefully we should get some eggs this week!
The worrying thing is that the dogs seems a bit stressed about the new arrivals, hopefully they will calm down with our new additions

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Creativeoutletter said...

That looks great!
What are you going to do with the pigs? Szalona sütés?
Grtz Sanne