Monday 22 April 2013


Wedding season is approaching and I'm bored with the suit thing and am itching to get hold of a kilt and free my legs.
The big question is where do i start? I've a dinning Jacket, dress shirt and bow-tie but the rest is a bit of a mystery too me. So, internet where do I start? Any suggestions for Tartan, online shops, must have bits and all that Jazz? What is the price of a starter's kilt? Any hidden tips?
Help Me internet, you are my only hope


Unknown said...

I say we make you a nettle kilt! Or hemp...very Hungarian!

Unknown said...

Stupid blogging software - it was showing my comment twice, so I deleted one copy and it got rid of them both.

Anyway, I basically said kilts are cool. Choose a tartan you like (and don't worry too much about whether you have any family connection to the clan it represents). Ebay is where I got mine (for about £50, as I recall). As well as the kilt itself, you'll definitely want a sporran and a pair of kilt hose (knee-length socks, which should be worn with the tops turned down just below the bottom of the kilt so that your kneecaps are showing, but not too much leg). Other stuff like kilt flashes and a sgian dubh (sock-top dagger) are nice but not essential.

Give me a shout if you want more info / opinion on the fine art of wearing a kilt.

Samm and Andy said...

What material was your kilt made from? wool?

Samm and Andy said...

Oh, can you post a picture of your sporran? Does it look like a dead rabbit strapped to your waist or is it a tasteful leather thing?