Wednesday 27 August 2014

It is finished

Who would have thought wanting to put up some shelves would be a project which would dominate our August. A two day job of building shelves from scratch has stretched out in to a 20 day marathon work which will only truly be finished next spring. The problems arose when Zolibacsi and Andy went to put the shelves in the utility room and the floor(left) prompt sunk under Andy's weight. It seems that the washing machine was leaking and the floor wasn't concreted in. The Tiles were just placed upon compressed sand. The water from the washing machine had soaked through the sand and meet a layer of clay, presumable from the previous building and this resulted in a build-up of water which eventually led to the floor collapsing. So the tiles were ripped up; Sand dug out; completely new overflow water system added with accompanying hole through 20cm of wall; sand replaced; concrete floor laid; Tiles placed and then shelves finally installed. During this time, we've also concreted in our external water supply so it will be more stable for winter. The big realisation is that this tiles on sand flooring system is throughout the whole house so we will have to plan, budget and relay all the floors in our house next spring. Hopefully this should stop the mouse influx which we have recently been suffering.  The new room looks wonderful and isn't done justice by the photo below and we have more storage space now then ever before.

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