Wednesday 30 December 2009

1 year of dogs!

Carmen and Kincso(German Shepherd and Beagle) are coming up to being 1 year old in January. They are doing well and full of energy and life.

Carmen is no longer a bundle of fluff but a small dog who runs so gracefully in our field. She can be a bit of a bully with the other dogs but she is definitely the leader and majestic one.

Kincso (Treasure) is the trouble-maker, She is allways looking to escape and whenever she is left in a room, she bayes very loudly whilst bouncing up and down. It is some sight to see a beagle appear through a window at regular intervals. Everytime we let the dogs out to play, Kincso runs to the fence and checks every (yes, every) fence panel for weakness in an attempt to escape. Andy has chased down the drive after her shouting “BELLY” in various stages of dress to stop her from getting to the road and when she hears the “BELLY” command, she obediently stop and flops over offering her belly to be rubbed in a truly cute way.

The baby of the doggy family is 6 month old Crunchie, who is a 31.5 kg horse of a Rottweiler. She is very beautiful but she thinks 100% with her belly! Watch your fingers if you offer her a treat! On the farm, she is very quiet and hardly speaks, but if there is another animal about, she rumbles like thunder and barks! This is extremely terrifying. She recently made her first trip to the vet for a poorly eye and was angelic until she detected another animal! Fun ahead as when she sits, she sits and doesn't move!

Samm has done wonders with the dogs and has been taking Carmen to dog school for training, She is quite remarkable with them and has even trained the beagle to sit for her food! An achievement!

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