Wednesday 30 December 2009

Snow and gone!

Whilst the UK suffered under millimetres of snow, We had about half a meter of snow appear whilst we were helping at a friend's CHRISTmas nativity event (right on the other side of Szeged to us on roads that are not gritted very often etc.) reaching out to the local children in his community and their families in his back garden in a gigantic tent with no heating!

Despite the Arctic conditions, the event was a hit with 50 people, singing songs in English and Hungarian followed by the best homemade donuts EVER washed down with mulled wine or tea. For once, the people of Hungary drove slowly (Hungarians are well renowed for their formula 1 style driving unfortunately without any of the skill) - the home journey took an hour instead of twenty minutes. Fortunatley that very morning we thought we'd better get our act together and put the winter tyres on, so we were really pleased we had when the snow started to chuck down. We ended the evening hanging out a friend's house whilst waiting for friends from America to arrive from Budapest which normally takes 2 1/2 hours by train it tool them 5 hours because of the bad weather.

Unfortunately, we did not have a “white” CHRISTmas as the weather went from being -11 to being plus 13 in a week so on CHRISTmas eve it was like spring! We had a really fun CHRISTmas, a friend Matt who teaches English in Budapest stayed with us and we had fun cooking food (goose and turkey) and spending time with other friends from all over the world. A bit shattered now though as started going to bed at 2/3 in the morning :)

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