Wednesday 30 December 2009

Andy's 30th Birthday

We threw a big party for Andy's 30th birthday on the farm and cooked a large bogrács (cauldron) of food for our friends who came! For the weekend, we were joined by Chris and Alex Jarred, my good old school friend. We celebrated the death of youth and the onset of old age and suitable grumpiness. Below are some photographs of Chris and I relishing our old age together :)
The weather was great and not too hot, less then 30C! People were very extremely generous with birthday presents and my wife came up top-trumps with a inflatable hot tube!!! Some of my work collegues came along and thanks to Csaba the camp fire kept us warm as we laughed, chatted and ate marshmallows. However, even though I was the Birthday boy another little guy stole the show somewhat!

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